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Accurate Reels 
For those not familiar with Accurate, allow us to explain. These are without doubt the best multipliers on the world market…bar none! 
Accurate Reels 
Accurate’s core business is CNC machining precision aluminium parts for the aircraft industry, an area where second best just won’t do. Being fanatical big game anglers in their spare time, someone suggested they ought to make boat reels, so they did. The rest, as they say, is history.  
As you would imagine, not cheap, but then... if you want the best, you have to expect to pay for it. Having said that, when you compare the prices with some of the so called ‘top quality’ reels on the market and then compare the reels, you’ll agree... there’s no contest! 
Although small in stature, what they lack in size, they more than make up for in power. Unlike every other multiplier on the market, Accurates use a patented Twin-Drag system, whereby two titanium drag discs compress the spool from either end, providing an immensely powerful, totally balanced, but ultra smooth drag. Start-up inertia is almost undetectable, avoiding those smash takes we have all suffered with inferior drag systems. 
Accurate Boss Extreme Reels: 
The Boss Extreme range are without doubt, the best small multipliers available for our style of fishing in the UK. 
Available in 3 basic models but with options of low or high gear ratios and standard or narrow width spools. They all come fitted with Accurate’s ‘Cast Control’ system as standard, allowing the reels to be used for Up-tiding or Speed Jigging, without fear of over-runs. Specialist narrow spool, high gear ratio models are designed specifically for the growing sport of Vertical Speed Jigging. 
Handle Options.. 
Please note, ALL Accurate single speed BX models, plus 2-speed DPX-2 models in sizes 400 & 500 come with the round ‘golf ball’ handles, as standard. Only the DPX-2 600 models come with the blue ‘Extreme’ handle. Other handle options available ‘to order’ only. 
Boss Extreme 400 Narrow: (Equivalent to the old Boss Magnum 197) 
The baby of the range the Boss 400N is perfect for inshore work & teamed up with our Deep Blue 8lb class rod makes a superb, balanced, lightweight outfit for bass, bream etc. 
Boss E-Series 400 Narrow
Boss Extreme 400: (Equivalent to the old Boss Magnum 270) 
The ideal ‘all-rounder’ the Boss Extreme 400 can be used inshore on 8lb class rods, but has enough power to cope with 20lb class wreck fishing. 
Boss E-Series 400
Boss Extreme 500: (Equivalent to the old Boss Magnum 870) 
The next size up, the Boss Extreme 500 is an ideal wreck fishing reel but is still light enough for reef fishing & powerful enough for heavy offshore work. The high speed, narrow version - BX-500XN – is the ideal Speed Jigging reel.  
Boss E-Series 500
Boss Extreme 600: (Equivalent to the old Boss Magnum 665) 
The Boss Extreme 600 has huge line capacity, using super braid, such as Tuf-Line XP and a drag system to take on the largest species you are likely to encounter in British waters. Ideal for sharking or mid-channel wreck fishing for monster Conger. 
Boss E-Series 600
Boss Extreme 2-Speed Reels: 
The Accurate Dawg Pound Reels, take reel design back to basics. The anti-reverse bearings, are replaced by a new ‘three synced dogs’, anti-reverse system, similar to that used in the larger ATD Platinum Big Game reels – the result? Instant stopping power, coupled with long, trouble free life!  
As any boat angler knows, there are times when a low ratio reel is an advantage, such as trying to coax a monster Conger or Ling out of a wreck, but also times when a high speed retrieve can be an advantage, when Speed Jigging, or when the Skipper shouts ‘everyone up’, ready for the next drift.  
The new Boss Dawg Pound 2-Speed Reels give you the best of best worlds. Based on the single speed Boss Extreme range, a simple push button on the end of the handle shaft, effortlessly switches between high and low ratio. 
Boss Extreme 2-Speed Reel
Accurate ATD Platinum Big Game Reels: 
The ultimate big-game reel for serious offshore work, whether your chosen species is Barracuda, Sailfish, Marlin or Tuna. 
Immensely powerful reels with a twin speed facility as standard. Serious reels & serious money – only available to special order, please contact us for details. 
Accurate Platinum Big Game Reels:
Accurate Twin-Spin Reels: 
The ultimate fixed spool reel designed specifically for ‘Popping’ for monster GT’s & the likes. Cleverly fitted with the same twin-drag system as the multipliers, the drag on these is silky smooth but immensely powerful. 
Equally suitable for deep water speed jigging for species such as Amberjack & Grouper. 
Accurate Twin-Spin Reels:
SR-6. But don’t be fooled, this new baby of the range, packs plenty of punch and fights well above its weight! 
RX -1 ReelX Lube 
Hi-tech, extreme-pressure reel lubricant that virtually eliminates wear and prevents corrosion. Suitable for all multiplier and fixed-spool reels. 
RX-1 Reel X Lube